Monday, September 1, 2008


Steve discovered something a few weeks ago and we've wasted many an hour on this website. It's called FailBlog.Org and it's hysterical!! They show pictures and videos of some messed up stuff that is way funny. It's hard to explain, so instead I will just show off some of my favorites. Hi-freaking-lar-ious. Today was slow at work, so I started checking them out. My co-workers kept asking what I was laughing out of control about, and I had to show them. So then they started checking it out and we all sounded like a pack of hyenas while trying to take phone calls. Makes for a fun day at work! Now, just to be fair, I won't show the more raunchy ones, but I still wouldn't recommend letting the little ones check these out.

Stakeout Fail
fail owned pwned pictures

Geography Fail
fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Scrapbooking Fail
fail owned pwned pictures

Semantics Fail
fail owned pwned pictures

Advice Fail
fail owned pwned pictures

Barnes & Fail (a personal favorite of mine)
fail owned pwned pictures

Laughter Control Fail
fail owned pwned pictures

Seduction Fail

There are some viedos as well, but I couldn't get them onto this blog. If you need a good laugh, go and check out the: Cop Fail, Dancing Fail, and Safety Fail videos. All hysterical.

Anyway, that's my contribution for the day.


Mags said...

Hey there!!! I was happy to see your name and find your blog. You girl looks cute? Have I ever met your hubby? I couldn't find a pic on your blog of him.

Heather and Billy said...

Oh man. Those are hilarious. I am sending them to Billy so he can get a good laugh at work today.