Saturday, September 24, 2016

Aparkolypse: Hauge Homestead Park

Though they're on opposite sides of the lake, Hauge Homestead Park is no Solange Knowles compared to Silver Lake Park's Beyonce. It's a great park with a surprising amount of fun things to do and it's not as crowded as its lacustrine sister.

Fun fact: the park is named after "John Hauge, a Norwegian Pioneer who settled along Silver Lake in the late 1800s."


Though there is plenty of traffic on 19th Ave SE, little wanderers are well shielded from wandering into traffic. The toys were in good shape and a lot of fun. 



Parking is adequate here. Fully functioning bathrooms and a water fountain are between the lot and the play area.There is also a paved path around the park where you can stroll or play Pokemon Go while on your longboard skateboard and not almost get leveled by small children who are also not paying attention to where they're going.

Plenty of picnic tables and a medium-sized grassy area provide plenty of place to play and eat. The picnic shelter has a grill, running water, electricity, and is, of course, reservable.

Hauge Homestead Park has a small unimproved beach (unlike the big sandy beach of Silver Lake Park) with a little dock for small watercraft, like stand up paddle boards for people who totally don't eat it right as they're about to get back on land, much to the amusement of several children. A bit north of that is a fishing dock.


We had never heard of this place before we started doing our tour, but we are glad we came. It's a great place to stop by like we did or host a smaller group event. It's also a good place to teach otherwise intelligent seven year-olds with a new weird payphone fascination that you cannot make a 60 cent phone call using 15 cents.


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