Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aparkolypse 2015: Silver Lake Park

11405 W Silver Lake Rd 
Everett, WA 98201

Silver Lake Park (I didn't even know until recently that it was "Thornton A. Sullivan Park") is one of the highlights of living in Everett (low bar, I know).  It's a great location for camps, larger get-togethers, a day at the beach, hanging out with friends, or just dropping in with your kids.

Silver Lake is accessible through several routes, both major and minor, and even via I-5 through the South Everett Freeway Bus Station. Costco, Safeway, 24 Hour Fitness, and a ton of other establishments right in the immediate area; we recommend Piroshky and Crepes across the street for some very tasty European food.


You and your group could come here every day of the week and have a completely different experience.  Check this map from the city of Everett:
In our visits, we haven't checked out the Frisbee golf or gone across the street to the nature trails, so we'll refrain from commenting on those.  However, you can check some of those things out on this sexy video the city produced:

We'll add this word of caution to those finicky about their cars: the parking lot is mostly gravel though the walking paths are paved.

Camp Patterson

Home to YMCA and other day camps throughout the year, Camp Patterson has a large play field, open and covered picnic areas, and access to water and electricity.  The pavilion is reserveable, of course costing a bit more in the peak summer months.

Silver Hall

A cursory internet search yields little information or pictures of Silver Hall (the building on the left in the picture below, the on on the right being a boathouse), but the official website lists it as available for $34 an hour with a capacity of 40 people boasting chairs, tables, a kitchen, and restrooms.

Facilities by the Playground

Right by the playground/beach area you can find bathrooms in okay condition which have rinse-off showers and a lower dispenser to wash your feet.  Adjacent to the restroom building is a picnic shelter and some other picnic tables, as well as an out door ping-pong table, which I've never seen anywhere else.  Further west there are tons of tables and grills available, and they're well-used.  People actually use the fishing dock for its intended purposes, though I can't imagine it's much of an angling destination, but I don't think I've ever seen a boat at the boating dock.

This is as cool as ping pong is ever going to be


Silver Lake has a rare-for-this-area sandy beach with marked-off shallow swimming areas.  The water, not-rare-for-this-area, is freezing. The main play area is well-maintained and has activities for various sizes of kids.  A fire truck happened to be there on the day we took pictures so we threw it in; a fire substation is just up the road.  Like the video above shows, there's plenty to climb, swing, run along, and spin on.


Silver Lake Park is pretty clean considering it is usually busy, which is about the worst thing you could say about the place.  Seating for parents watching their kids is fairly plentiful.  Our kids love coming here, it's convenient, and it's really gorgeous.

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