Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Fall

Jilly's first day of Kindergarten!  I had another outfit planned, but it was super hot that day, so I switched to this.  She had picked out the shirt for her first day.  I think the pink sparkly purse was what sold her on it.  ;-)

Daddy came home on his lunch break to see his big girl get on the bus.

Her new friends, Piper and Colleen!  It was so fun to meet other kids her age in the complex.

Look at that cute Kindergartner.

Playing on the playground.

Later in the fall, Jilly was invited to go to dance class with a friend.  She was SO EXCITED to go to ballet class.  She especially loved the ribbon twirling at the end.

We borrowed these Curlformers from the same friend for Halloween.  They made gorgeous curls, so Granny got us some for Jilly's birthday!

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