Sunday, July 7, 2013

New room

In August 2012, we were gifted a set of bunk beds, which was amazing.  It meant we were finally able to put all three kids in the same room, and have our bed back for just us!  Kayla had been co-sleeping with us, which I loved, but it was time to move on and out.  ;-)

Here is what their room looked like originally, with the crib in front as you walked in, the dresser on the other side, and the toddler bed in the corner.

And with the new bed!  Jason's bed and new sheets, which match perfectly with his quilt.

Jilly's top bunk with a pink quilt (hers was still under reconstruction).

Kayla's crib, with her beautiful quilt!

All the beds together.  Definitely cozy, but it works.

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