Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch up - December

December was a nice but busy month.  I was feeling a bit better, though still sick a lot, and we got to see a lot of family and friends with the holidays.  My sister Katie came home from Texas for the first time in a year, and we were all terribly excited to see her.  It was awesome.  Regan, my best friend, was home from Hawaii too and we got to hang with her lots.  We were busy with choir and church activities, as well as Christmas with our family.  Throw in some snow and we had quite the interesting month!

I can't help but take pictures of my kiddos when they fall asleep outside their beds.  Jilly passed out on the couch one evening and it was so adorable, I couldn't resist!  Look at those cheeks!  They're just screaming to be kissed, right?  

Jason has definitely developed a love for remote controls, computers and cell phones.  In particular, my cell phone.  He will often sneak over and grab it off the chair before I notice.  Before we put the child locks on the desk, he would also get in the drawer and pull out the camera, sometimes playing with it by himself, sometimes bringing it to us to take pictures with.  So I'd snap some pics of him, which he obviously enjoyed.

Christmas was one of the best days.  Christmas Eve we did our traditional mexican food feast with my family.  We have enchiladas and tortilla soup and yummy desserts.  We all just hang out, eating good food and enjoying company.  This year, after most of the family had left, Bailey and Elise read Luke 2 with us and then we sat around the piano while Bailey played Christmas songs and we sang along.  It was beautiful.  Jilly even sang Angels We Have Heard On High with us, which was beautiful.  :-)

Christmas morning we opened stocking at home with just us.  The kids got stuff like toothbrushes and some other little things, then everyone got lots of candy.  Jason learned how to say "candy" during the holidays, which is pretty darn cute to hear him yell "CA-EEE!!"

We don't do Christmas jammies, but still wanted the kids matching, so their Halloween skeleton jammies it was!  Made me laugh to see my two little skeletons opening their Christmas stockings.

Jason knew what was up and immediately busted into his candy.  Yum!!

We also opened the presents from Steve's family.  The kids were given books and a CD from the Ziegenhorns.  It was each of their cousin's favorite book and then the cousin reading it aloud on the CD. Very fun!!  A couple of them became INSTANT classics in the Hall house.  Punk Farm has been an especially big hit.  :-)

And of course, some good wrestling time too.

We headed to my family's house mid-day to open more presents.  Jason got comfy in the rocking chair right away.  That rocking chair is over 25 years old, it was given to me for my 1st birthday.  It's seen a lot of kids and it's always fun for me to see my little ones play in it.

Jilly also got a belated birthday present from Katie- a beautiful Princess dress up set!  I only let her put on the dress because I didn't want to lose all the little pieces (earrings, wand, bracelet, etc).

After we opened all the presents, we headed back to our house.  The afternoon was spent cooking and napping.  Then we went over to our friends' house for dinner, eating with them and the 4 missionaries from our ward.  The food was excellent and the company a lot of fun.  It was a super fun day getting to spend it with so many people we love and such yummy food too.  We got home with very exhausted but happy kiddos.

We got a lot of snow this November and December.  It was so pretty, coating everything, that Steve had to take some pictures.  These are all from our balcony, looking at the trees and other apartment buildings.

And last but not least, our cute little Christmas tree.  It was the first year we actually got a tree.  This little guy was small enough to fit on our table (necessary) but big enough to get most (though not all) of our ornaments on it.  Between the tree lights and the lights we hung around the living room and balcony, our house was very festive and very pretty.

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