Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lookalikes or not?

I love freshly washed babies.  I love wrapping them up in their super soft towels and snuggling them.  They're always so cute, that I have to take a bunch of pictures.  Seriously, I have a lot.  Anyway, I was thinking, hey! Both kids in the same pose?  Smells like a comparison blog to me.  So here you go.  Jason at 15 months and Jilly at 2 years old, wrapped up in the same towel after a bath.  How much do you think they look alike?

To me, the older they get, the less alike they look.  Jason is much skinnier and longer, whereas Jilly had (still has) those chubby cheeks.  She definitely looks like her dad and he definitely looks like his mom.  But they still look related.  You also see the difference in personalities.  Jason is more reserved, more serious, whereas Jilly is just silly and goofy and shows it. 

Either way, I can't get enough of these two!  Love them!!


Rose said...

You hit the nail on the head! Jilly looks like daddy and Jason looks like mommy!

Tawnya said...

Agreed. Your kids are definitely related, but you have a daddy's girl and a momma's boy :) Also, your new furniture set up looks awesome! And you are going to do an incredible job as choir director. I can feel it!

Miller Fam said...

I love your cute babies :)

Jenni said...

I agree, they look very different from each other. :)