Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holy Moly, what do I do now?

What's that way down there below me?  Oh yeah.....that's my comfort zone.  I am way beyond it now.  This week I was released from Primary (sniff, sniff) after 3 years and given a new calling.  That's me on the right.

Yup, I was called as the Ward Choir Director.  OH MY.  I am quite daunted by this. I have modest musical talents.  I play a little piano and can read music.  I'm a good complementary choir singer, I can hold the harmony and help bulk up an alto section.  I can even lead music.  BUT I am not a real director.  I do not have a good ear for hearing something wrong and being able to pick out what the problem is and correct it.  I have almost no experience choosing choral music. How am I going to do this?!

In talking with the bishop, he helped put me at ease, at least a little bit.  He expressed that it wasn't so much about wonderfully technical music, as much as getting people to participate.  He gave me some pointers of who to ask for help in choosing music.  He said it didn't matter that I don't have a proper director's ear, it matters that I just give the choir something to follow and can run through the music with them.  *phew!*  I can probably handle that.  Steve gave me some good encouragement too.  He reminded me the choir didn't need to be performing John Rutter, that singing hymns with a slightly varied arrangement would be great.  Hmm...Maybe I can do this after all?

I'm still pretty nervous about how to manage this.  It's pretty far beyond what I'm used to, but I've been in how many choirs, for how many years?  I've probably picked up more than I think in that time.  And if I'm struggling, I know some pretty darn awesome directors out there to lean on.  And basically it all comes down to this:



Rose said...

Best wishes! :)

Sariah said...

Choir director is a calling that scares me, too. I've never done it but I feel much like you. I have modest musical talent, play piano, read music, sing alto, can lead music... but not exactly director material. Good luck! If I were in your ward, I'd be excited to be in your choir. :)

Charlotte said...

Lol. So funny because I'm going to be released from 1st counselor in Primary soon and become...who knows what. And I'm always looking for good Choir clip art- I found that stick man one earlier this week and I just love it. I can send you links to some of the best free online LDS choir arrangement sites if that will help. Have fun!

~*Jen*~ said...

Your pictures cracked me up! Good luck with the new calling. It's hard being thrown into something you have virtually no experience with!

Sara Hammond said...

I feel like I am in the same boat. My hearing does not lend itself to picking out places that need work, but if you let your choir know that, those that are in the choir will help you know what needs more work.

Also, check out the Hymnplicity books. They are simple arrangements (more for the choir than the conductor, but) that may help you ease into the adventure!

And the last thing-I have a firm belief that because music is so important to Heavenly Father, angels always join the choir when it performs. The people and director put forth their best effort, and the angels make up the rest so that the congregation gets a wonderful experience.

Besides, anyone who has a negative opinion is always welcome to step in...sometimes it is simply about those who are willing! Good luck!