Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day out with Granny!

Today we have an extra special treat!  A guest blog by Granny Sam.  It's short but sweet.  

Jilly spent the night on Thursday and since we were having so much fun, we asked her mom if she could stay another night.  There was more fun to be had.  She said yes.  Saturday morning I asked Jilly if she wanted to get a tattoo with Granny and she said "Yes!" so off we went.  I called Aimee on the way and said, "Jilly and I are on our way to get tattoos."  She said, "That's fine.  Just don't let Jilly get a Dora.  I don't want her looking back on it in 10 years and saying, 'That was so 3 years old!''  

Jilly sat very still while the nice lady did a beautiful purple heart on her left hand.  She even sat still while Granny got a beautiful swirly design on her leg.  It was so much fun that we decided Jilly needed her face painted too.  We topped it off with a pink heart helium balloon and called it a day.

Thank you Granny Sam & Grampa Paul!  Jilly had such a good time grocery shopping, playing in the sprinkler, doing art, playing with bubbles, school clothes shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (an annual Christensen tradition), going out to Pho and walking along Sunset Ave, etc.  Jason loved having Mommy & Daddy all to himself for a couple days (mostly Daddy, Mommy worked) and getting to actually keep his lovey in his bed because Big Sister wasn't in there to steal it.  Here's to many more sleepovers with grandparents!


angelalois said...

I wanna see a pic of the purple heart! Glad it wasn't a Dora.

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