Monday, July 5, 2010

The Big East Coast Trip! Part Two - The Reception!

Thursday was the big reception.  It was held at this gorgeous mansion, called The Wadsworth Mansion.  You turn onto the long, tree lined driveway and the house isn't visible from the road.  About a half mile (?) down, the trees open up and you see this beautiful building.  I loved it. 

My aunt and uncle rented two ballrooms and the room in between.  They decorated them beautifully, with white, navy blue and hydrangea blue.

The ballrooms were beautiful.  They used one ballroom and the middle area for most of the tables, where the guests ate dinner and watched the slideshows of both couples.  The other ballroom had a few tables, but was used for dancing. 

There was a really cool grandfather clock in one of the ballrooms and I just had to take a picture.

My boys, dressed up in their finest, eating dinner. 

Steve took Jilly for a walk around the grounds (she was cranky and sick of being inside).  There was a beautiful sunken rose garden, and he got this picture of her smelling the roses.
Back inside, the kids found these vanities with mirrors underneath.  There was one on each side of the foyer as you walk in, and that's where the guestbooks were.  (By the way, the guestbooks were Shutterfly books with each couple's engagement pictures and then guests signed them.  Way cool!)
This is the cake, in the middle area.  You can see the big patio right outside.  The original plan was to have tables outside on the patio, but a thunderstorm rolled through just before the reception.  Smart choice to set up inside.  Anyway, the cake.  The cake topper is from Spain.  My uncle bought it while he was on his mission and brought it home, to use for his wedding, whenever that would be.  It was on his & Auntie Terry's wedding cake, and now has been used on Gator, Robli, Kylee & Ryan's wedding cake.  Very cool.
Here are the couples cutting the cake.  They were mostly pretty nice to each other.  ;-)
After cake, the couples played The Newlywed Game.  Each one held their shoe and their spouse's shoe (so one of each).  Auntie Terry would ask a question like, "Who controls the remote more?" or "Who wants babies more?" and they would have to raise the shoe of that person.  They were mostly on the same page, but there were some funny moments when they disagreed.
Auntie Terry asking the questions.

After the game, it was time to toss the bouquets and garters and dance!  We headed into the empty ballroom, and Robli was showing off how cool her dress looked when she twirled. 

The back of Kylee's dress was beautiful as well.  Two gorgeous brides and two handsome grooms!
Funny story about the bouquet toss.  There was a chandelier right in the middle of the room, where the brides were going to be tossing.  Auntie Terry pointed it out to Kylee, and Kylee turned to Robli and said, "Now make sure you aim low, so you don't hit the chandelier!"  Then Toss!  BAM!!  Kylee splattered her bouquet into the chandelier and several of the roses fell out.  Oops.  Hahahaha.

By the time they had their first dance, our kids were really tired.  So we grabbed a picture with the happy couples and headed home to put the babies to bed.  We only had time for the one picture, so of course, both the kids looked away.  Oh well, you all know what they look like.  ;-)  It was a lovely reception with lots of fun and yummy food.  Congratulations again to Gator & Robli Bell and Ryan & Kylee Bangart!!  We love you guys!!

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