Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Greg's Visit

Steve's brother Greg came to visit us during his Spring Break.  It was awesome!  We hadn't seen him in over 4 years!  That means he had never met our kiddos!  Scandalous, I tell you.  Anyway, he was here for an entire week and we had tons of fun.  We ate lots of good food, visited cool places and watched a TON of Lost.  Yep, we got Greggie hooked on it.  Excellent, another convert. ;-)  

We spent a lot of time lounging around the house.  The kids loved climbing on and playing with Uncle Greg, almost as much as he enjoyed it.  They loved having him.
Uncle Greg is really strong!

One day we took him out and about in Seattle.  He got to go on a scenic flight out of Lake Union and got some cool pictures.  This is the Aurora Bridge.

Husky Stadium.
Lake Sammamish.  If you look close, at the bottom of the picture, you'll see the Seattle Temple!
I-90 and Mercer Island.
I think this might be SR-520.
Qwest and Safeco Fields.
Big Pointy (as Steve calls it).

Touching down at Lake Union.
Greg, standing in front of the plane.

All of us!  (This is the only picture I think we took of all of us.)
After the plane ride, we went up to Voula's, a tasty restaurant at the very north end of Lake Union for brunch.  It's mostly a breakfast and lunch place, with a lot of Greek options.  Turns out they knew Greg was coming and planned their menu accordingly.

We drove Greg around UW campus, which was beautiful, but since it was raining, we didn't get out and walk around.  We headed home, but decided to detour to Edmonds and take him on a ferry ride.  We got there just a few minutes before the ferry left for Kingston, perfect timing!

Not so perfect was the fact that it was INSANELY WINDY.  Poor Jason hated the cold and wind, so we kept him inside the whole time, but we took some pictures of the rest of us out on the deck. 
Do you see how windy is?  Whitecaps all the way across. 

While we were halfway across, they made an announcement that Hood Canal Bridge was closed because the winds were like 50+ mph, and that there were branches down on the road right off the ferry.  Uh oh.  We thought maybe it wouldn't be too bad right in Kingston, so we could kill some time until the next ferry back.  We were wrong.  We got off and just walking down the pedestrian walkway was nuts.  It was so cold and windy, but we kept going.  As we walked into town, hoping to find a place to get out of the wind and maybe get Greg a coat or sweatshirt (neither he nor Steve had one), everything looked closed.  But I saw there were people inside.  I finally figured out, the power was out!  Yikes!  We looked at each other and decided to race back to the same ferry we'd just got off and head right back to Edmonds.  We booked it and just barely made it.  (Yay for Greg carrying Jilly so we could go faster.)
Ahhh, much better inside!

We wanted to go to Anthony's Beach Cafe to get Greg some fish.  He had two things he just had to do in Seattle, get fish and go to the temple.  He'd gone to the temple the day after he got here, so fish was left.  Of course, the whole Edmonds waterfront was out of power too!  So I called my sister (a former server at Anthony's and wise in the ways of fish-since I don't eat it!) and she recommended Scott's near Aurora Village.  We went there and dude, it was yummy!!  Greg really enjoyed his meal, I think he got halibut.

The kids were so well behaved the whole day we were out and about, but they were ready to relax when we got home.  We got them in some jammies and they cuddled up with Greg.

Gotta love having uncles visit!  We had such a good time with Greg, especially after so long!  We can't wait to have more visitors (hint, hint)!

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~*Jen*~ said...

How fun! BTW, I want your hoodie and I'm totally stealing it. Just so you know it's coming lol ;)