Friday, April 9, 2010


Easter was a lot of fun at our house!  It was General Conference weekend, so instead of going to church like normal we got to stay at home and listen to our Church leaders speak via the internet.  I gotta say, that has got to be the best way to enjoy Conference- at home, on your couch, in your pajamas, eating food.  Awesome.  After our spirits had feasted, it was time to go over to Granny & Grampa's for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner.  Of course, we had to get dolled up for it too.  I really loved the kids' outfits.

Here is Jilly beginning her hunt in the backyard.  The Easter Bunny did a great job and Jilly loved finding them all!

There were lots in the grass and flower beds all around.
Even up on the shed door handle!
When she had to go 'off-road' Jilly was very careful to not get dirty.
 The Easter Bunny tried to get really tricky at one point.

But Jilly found it anyway!

Look at how many she collected!  Her basket was overflowing!

We got a quick picture with her helpers, Mommy,
and Granny & Grampa.
Then we went inside to inspect her loot.  She got quite the haul!
They made such cool noises, as Auntie Juliet showed her how to shake them.
  Jason was too little to hunt for Easter Eggs, so he got a lot of cuddling instead.

We had to put Jilly's eggs away until after dinner, because all she wanted was the candy!  She comforted herself with the magnets from Granny's fridge.  She loved rolling them around and then was delighted when they stuck to the metal frame of the table!
After dinner, we sat down and took a nice family photo.  We don't get too many of them, the last one was from Jason's blessing, over 7 months ago!  So hooray!  

Our Easter was a wonderful day.  We had a good time as family, listening to the prophets and leaders, reflecting on Christ, the Atonement and Resurrection, and eating yummy food.  That's what it's all about, right?


AZ Larsens said...

I love your outfit!! The kids look adorable too. Jilly looks so dainty, she really does look like she was being so careful not to get dirty! True girl.

angelalois said...

My comment is the same: your outfit rocks! You look good, momma! Happy Easter.