Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanksgiving was really fun this year! Steve played in the Turkey Bowl with all the guys from church in the morning. He doesn't have any cleats, and the field was super slippery because it was so water-logged. After taking a few cartoon-ish tumbles (you know, where your feet shoot right out from under you and up in the air?) he just took of his shoes and played barefoot. It actually worked really well and the High Priests took down the Elders, but he paid for it later. ;-) But he had a good time, so that's what matters. We hung around our house and made some preparations for dinner (pumpkin pie and creamed corn), then headed over to my parents' house for the meal.
Of course, having 2 small kiddos, being on time is almost impossible (at least for us it seems), so we were a little late. Oops! We got in and put the final touches on the meal. Andy played with Jilly quite a bit and she was having a ball with him! The meal was delicious! Turkey, gravy (lots!), creamed corn, mashed potatoes, salad, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. But sadly, we forgot about the stuffing until the meal was over and we were clearing the table. Paul found it on the counter, all ready to go, but by that time no one had their plate anymore. It wasn't a loss to most of us, but Steve really likes it, so we got sent home with a lot of it. :-D
After dinner, we just sort of hung out. We turned on the Texas v. Texas A&M game and watched the Longhorns obliterate the dirty Aggies. Juliet brought Jilly these ABC puzzle flash cards. On one side is the letter, upper and lowercase, on the other side a picture of an object starting with that letter (Aa - pic of an apple). Jilly and Uncle Kelly sat and played with them for awhile. It was pretty cute.
Soon enough it was time for desert. Lucky Jason pretty much got passed around and held by everyone- which was just fine with him! The dude LOVES being held. For dessert we had pumpkin and apple pies. They were pretty good. My only complaint was that Martha Stewart sabotaged her own recipe. Maybe I did it wrong, but my assessment was that by using coarse salt in the crust and not normal fine-grain salt, there were these 'pockets' of salt. You'll be munching along and then BAM! A super salty bite. So, I would definitely make the pie again, but just use normal salt- not fancy Martha-recommended coarse salt.
I gotta say, this is probably my favorite picture of the night. Jilly and Uncle Andy had SUCH A GOOD TIME TOGETHER!! They were giggling and being silly constantly. It was utterly adorable. When she was first born, he thought she was cool and all, but not super involved. He was only 16, so it made sense. Well it seems like every time since then, he is more and more exciting to see her and play with her. These two are so goofy! Gotta love 'em!

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angelalois said...

Wesley was in the take-and-go swing for his first thanksgiving dinner. having little ones does complicate things!