Monday, March 9, 2009

Silly day with Jilly and Mama

Today was a fairly low-key day for Jills and me, but there were a few funny moments that I just had to share. We were all up late last night, so she and I slept way in this morning. She woke up somewhere around 11am, but I wasn’t feeling well, so I left her in there until closer to Noon. When I finally went in to get her from her crib, she greeted me with a very enthusiastic “HI!” which was fun, because she never really says Hi. :-)

But of course, goofing with her and then lifting her out of bed totally set off my empty stomach, so I made a quick dash for the bathroom. While the toilet and I were renewing our acquaintance, she first stood in the doorway giggling at the sounds I was making. Then she proceeded to come in the bathroom and imitate me, leaning over and everything. It was hilarious. It’s actually something she’s done the entire pregnancy, and it cracks me up every time. She’ll often pat my back and ask, “You okay?” as well, but today we just got the mimicking. Hehehe.

Later in the day, she was wandering around and started barking randomly. This is a new thing Steve has taught, but often with things like this, she’ll only do it when we start it. Somehow barking has stuck with her really well and she’ll just launch into it at odd times. We’ll be watching TV or whatever and then hear this “Wuff wuff!” Too funny.

One very sweet thing she did today was climb up on the couch and cuddle with me for a little bit. Then she wanted to give kisses. After giving me a couple, I asked if she wanted to kiss the baby. She lifted up my shirt (she insisted on that) and gave my tummy some good smooches. I told her to pat the baby and say Hi to the baby. She smacked my stomach and say “Hi!” It was quite sweet to see her so enthusiastic about the baby. Now, we just need to work on being a little more gentle. ;-) Good thing we have a few more months!


Morgan said...

Such a sweet age!! I am in love with Em (most of the time) these days because of how precious they are.

How funny that she was mimicking you.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Awww, that sounds so sweet! All of it! :)

The last story reminds me of when I was pregnant with Rori, pretty early on, and Acadia came up and YELLED in my ear! It hurt my ear/head! I asked what the heck she was doing and she said she was trying to say Hi to the baby and was yelling so the baby could hear her! lol

Janna said...

lol!! You getting sick = not funny. But the fact that Jilly came in to imitate you is so funny!!!

And if you have some tips on getting kids to be gentle let me know cause my 4 & 7 year olds are still rough with babies. They just want to play, but it looks more like they are gonna rip an arm off!!!! :)

Heidi W. said...

She is such a sweet kid. Funny to!