Friday, March 13, 2009

Four Years!

Four years ago, we ate this, and trust me, it was delicious!

Before we could eat, though, we had to do this:

Do those doors look a little familiar? They belong to this:

Yep, the beautiful Seattle temple on a gorgeous March day, was where Steve and I were married for time and all eternity, four years ago!

Right from the start, we knew who was in charge:

And lots and lots of people came to celebrate with us:

We were officially husband & wife!

Yesterday was our anniversary and it was a lovely day. We were asked to do sealings at the temple with other members of our ward. It seemed like a perfect way to spend our anniversary, remembering those vows and covenants that we made. Michelle & Kurt were wonderful and babysat our little Jilly Beans (Wildcat had to come with us ;-)) while we were gone. They even took her early, so we could have dinner at the temple first. Yum, temple food is the best! The sealings were very nice and I only almost passed out once. ;-) That's what you get for kneeling for 10+ minutes when you're 5 months pregnant. Hehehe. Luckily, I stopped before I actually did pass out, and everyone was very understanding. After our service at the temple was concluded, we picked up the Beanster (who had a fabulous time with her buddies Maya, Lincoln and Natalie, as always), chatted up Michelle and Kurt for a bit, then headed home. Once at home, Beanie went to bed and we stayed up to watch ER. It was a very nice evening by all accounts.

We are certainly grateful to have enjoyed such a fun and loving marriage for these past four years and look forward to the next fifty or so! :-) I truly know that marriage is one of the best things ever, and there is no way I would trade mine for anything. I love my Moozsh man!!!


Heather and Billy said...

What a fun post! Happy Anniverary!

Holly said...

Yay!!! What a great way to spend your anniversary! I undertand the only being able to kneel for so long when you're pregnant! I'm glad you had a great anniversary!

Tawnya said...

Hee Hee. I am remembering when we went with you guys and I almost passed out that once. Why is it that these little babies control our bodies for 9 months? Thank goodness you stopped so you didn't pass out! Wouldn't that have been aweful.

Christina said...

I actually vomited in the temple after doing sealings when I was 8 months pregnant. Not my proudest moment!

$TeVe said...
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$TeVe said...

That picture does tell who was in charge. I told you exactly how that picture should look, sucka!