Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We got spoiled

Yesterday Jilly and I got spoiled. And it was great! My mom has every Wednesday off of work and often we get to hang out with her. It's really nice because it gives us an excuse to get out of the house during the day and we both get some Granny time.

My mom called at 9am to find out if we wanted to get together. We made plans for her to come pick us up and run errands. (We're pretty easy to please.) She ended up being a little late, but it was just fine, because not only were we both completely ready (a rarity for us) AND we had time to run to the mailbox. Well, she picked us up and we headed for the mall. We love the mall. :-)

We ventured around Nordstrom first, finding some cute work out clothes for Granny. Then we headed downstairs to the Kids' section to look for Easter dresses. We found a ton that we loved and were reasonable prices ($26-$36, not nad especially for Nordstrom!). Poor Jilly was getting sick of her stroller by this point, and we dragged her to the dressing room to try on a bunch of dresses. Strangely enough, we found that size 2/2T doesn't really work for her. While the length is usually fine, my kid is a bit barrel-chested and the dresses were too tight around her chest! We actually had to go with size 4 on almost everything. She ended up with 3 dresses, two for summer and her Easter dress. I tried to find pictures on Nordstrom's website, but alas! They don't have them listed....weird.

After Nordstrom, we ventured into the mall itself and while it was not our intention, we totally got sucked into the Gymboree vortex. It's like a tractor beam (sp?) with the two of us. Ridiculous, I tell you. But they were having their Baby Sale for regularly priced merchandise plus anything on sale already was 20% off. How can you pass that up?! You can't. It's physically impossible. So sucked in we were. We looked a ton of stuff we liked a lot, but eventually settled on two T-shirts and two sets of hairbows. One of the T-shirts is to match a pair of leggings I bought Jilly a few weeks ago, when we'd used our Gymbucks (which we'd earned back in December when they had another awesome sale going on).

These are the plaid hairbows. We also got some yellow and turquoise curly bows, but I can't find the picture of them.

The Butterfly T-shirt

The yellow smocked t-shirt. They had a bunch of different colors in this t-shirt.

These are the leggings I bought a few weeks ago. The yellow shirt and curly bows will complete this outfit.

After Gymboree, we were running out of time, so I ran down to a store where I had some gift cards from Christmas. Mom stopped at another store while I tried some shirts on. She met me and started giving me new things to try on. I ended up with three shirts and a dress. The dress pretty much put it over the top for what my gift cards would cover, but my generous mom offered to pay the difference, essentially buying the dress for me. The shirts are cute. One is light turquoise short sleeve t-shirt with a ruffled cross-over neckline. Another is a long sleeve hoodie, but almost mesh-like (it's so light) in green with a darker green ivy/flower print. The third shirt is also short sleeve, white with blue, green and black overlapping polka dots, and black around the collar and cuffs, plus it ties in the back. The dress is simple, sleeves are right above the elbows with a crossover neckline, in a bright magenta that comes to just below my knees. It's super soft and cozy cotton, so it's great for anytime of year, and I can wear it to church or just during the week.

We had a great time spending a few hours with Granny. She was really generous and kind to not only take us, but to buy us such cute clothes! We're spoiled!

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Tawnya said...

Don't you LOVE being spoiled by grandma?!?!?