Sunday, February 1, 2009

Picture Time!

Recently, my sister griped to me that I hadn't put up any new pictures since Jilly's birthday, over two months ago. Well, first off Katie, bite me. Second, here you go. Some new pictures.

Jilly was getting ready for bed and we wrapped her up in the comfy, super soft adorable purple robe Auntie Karen sent for Christmas. You can't help but want to cuddle her for hours when she's in this!

Next we have Jilly demonstrating her most cute grin. Of course, she is chewing on her fingers at the same time. That has been a rather typical experience lately, as her upper 2-year molars are coming in (and all that goes with them, we love Motrin).

After her bath, she is still just as cute, wrapped in her towel as when she was a newborn. It never gets old. Cute little girl. :-)

Dressed in her pjs, she chows down on pretty much her favorite food, a bagel. Her food vocabulary has exploded lately as she can ask for all her favorites: bagel, apple, (ba)nana, orange, juice, milk, and go-gis (goldfish).

She has these beautiful curls in the back of her hair and I keep marvelling at them. So pretty!

This is the dress she wore to Stake Conference this morning. Auntie Terry sent it for Valentines Day. It's so pretty!!!!

And for those that don't believe me, just call her Captain Destructo!! She is insane these days, tearing apart everything in the house. This was at the end of the day, when she'd pulled only half her toys out, but gotten a hold of her diaper bag, ripped a Kleenex into tiny bits, and thrown goldfish ALL OVER. Twerp.

But just one look at that smile, and you can't stay mad. ...Or can you? ;-)

So there you go, a quick narration of some pictures from lately. Happy, Katie? ;-)


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Note to self: Don't criticize Aimee about her blog. ;)

I love her hair!!! It's adorable - the curls, the ponytail... such a big girl! Thanks for the updated pics (or should I thank Katie? lol).

Nancy said...

Those curls are amazing! What a sweetie! You know, the mess gets a bit worse as the number of offspring increases, they age they can begin to pick up thier own mess, or even the mess thier baby bro or sis made. I guess I understand now why my older siblings said I was spoiled. Nevertheless, I'd rather dorwn in tissue shreds and toys then sit at a desk all day.

Nancy said...

Oh yeah, Allie has that exact same black and red dress. Jenna has a similar one too, I wanted them to coordinate at Christmas time. I love the long sleeves, it bugs me that most of the winter dresses were sleeveless, seriously, did i miss something? is winter not cold?

jeannie said...

Cute pictures! Love the curls! How old is she now?

~AnnaMarie~ said...

Wow Aimee she has grown so much! Adorable! And look at that hair! Aww..How are you feeling btw? And yeah, Jaxon does that to my house on a regular basis. NOT FUN!

Kati said...

Very cute pictures - those curls are amazing!

Morgan said...

She is SO cute!!! That little bathrobe is adorable!

I am so glad you posted pictures! :)

Tara said...

I think half the fun of toys is dumping them out. Jilly is so cute. Her curls match Daniels....hey...are you thinking what I'm thinnking?!?!?!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

I just tagged you on my blog... come on over and see what you've gotta do. (Btw, when I saw this tag, you were the FIRST person I thought of.)

Miss Lavinia said...

Jilly is so cute! That pic of your living room is how my house looks 24/7, the joy of parenthood