Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You all everybody!


Steve- you're up!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Alternate Title:
Steve & Aimee, sitting in a tree!
First came love, then came marriage,
Then came Jilly in the baby carriage.

Tara tagged me, so I have no choice but to follow her commands! ;-) And I was thinking it would be fun to do a survey or something about my Moozsh, it having been Valentines Day last week and all. So here goes!

What is his name? Steven Micheal (yep, -eal. It's from his dad's name. Not sure if Grandma intended to spell it that way or not.)

How long have you been married? Just about 3 years. Our anniversary is in about 3 weeks, woot woot!

How long did you date? We started dating at the end of May 2004, got engaged at the beginning of November 2004, and married in March 2005. Total time was about 9 1/2 months, 5 1/2 dating, 4 engaged.

Who eats more sweets? Me by a long shot! I'm a sugar addict and I love candy. Steve doesn't buy it much, but I tend to pick something up for us when I'm at the store.

Who said "I Love You" first? Steve did. I wanted to say it, but was waiting for him. I was starting to get nervous. Then he asked me out for a special date, and told me right before we left. I totally knew what he was going to say, but didn't want to rush him and wanted to enjoy the moment, so I was totally silent during his little speech. He was so nervous and mad at me later for making him sweat it out! Hahaha.

Who is taller? Steve. *rolls eyes* He thinks I'm a dwarf or something. Dork.

Who can sing better? I don't know.... We both have good technical, choral voices. Neither of us are made for solo, pop music. He knows more technique and the structure/theory of music.

Who is smarter? I would say he is. He's certainly more educated, and is one of the most brilliant people I know. It's just a matter of getting him to use that brain for good and not evil.

Who does the laundry? I do a little more than he does. But we're both awful at putting it away. As I type this, there is a giant pile sitting next to my side of the bed that needs to be sorted, folded, hung up and put away. (Guess who put that there. Hint: it wasn't me, and it wasn't Jilly, though she does like to help!)

Who pays the bills? I gave that job to Steve. For awhile, we kept our money separate, but we have differing philosophies on money (he does it better) so I gave it to him to deal with.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It depends on your point of view. If we're laying down, he's on the right. If you're standing at the foot of the bed looking up at it, then I do. So probably him. ;-)

Who mows the lawn? The people paid by our apartment complex. I am allergic to grass and absolutely detest all yard work. Steve hates it too, so we're hoping to pay a neighbor to do it whenever we get our own lawn (in like 2020. ;-))

Who cooks dinner? We both do. I would say I'm in charge of procuring dinner more. I am lazy and often stop by Taco Bell or Jack in the Box on my way home. Then as far as cooking goes, it's about 50/50.

Who drives? When together, I drive more. Except to church, or anytime I have to finish my makeup (i.e. we're running late). Then Steve has to.

Who is more stubborn? ME ME ME!! I have a Yost stubborn streak (as my mom calls it) a mile wide! I'm getting better and he certainly is not wishy-washy (especially when it comes to baby names. Geez, he's tough to deal with!) But overall, me.

Who kissed who first? Steve kissed me first. I didn't stop smiling for like 3 days. :-D

Who asked who out first? We'd gone to lunch during breaks at Institute and things like that before. I asked him to go to a play with me and my roommate Angie. He gave me some lame excuse like, "I'm driving to the temple right now." Whatever. ;-)

Who proposed? He did.

Who has more siblings? He does. He's the 3rd of 6. I'm the 1st of 3, plus a step-brother. He wins.

Who wears the pants? I wear his more than he wears mine. ;-)

I tag....Becky Z (just do it on myspace), Jenne, Jami, and Britta!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jilly Videos

I got a couple of short videos of Jilly the other night.

Here is Jilly cruising around our front room. It's short but it shows how quickly she gets around. We keep a box in front of our bookshelf, in order to keep her from pulling all the books off said shelf (drive her mama nuts!). She's figured out how to shake the box in order to move something closer to within her grasp.

Jilly got a rocking chair for her birthday from Granny Sam and Grandpa Paul. She really likes sitting in it and took to rocking right away.

And of course, she said "Uh oh!" the second that I stopped filming. Isn't that the way it always is? ;-)

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

And so are the days of our lives...

I just realized with horror that there were no pictures on the front page of this blog! How ridiculous of me!! So it's time for a big juicy photo blog. You won't regret it, trust me.

We'll start out with our adorable Jilly pants, in her pjs, with a very messy face. Messy but so cute!!!

I've previously warned you all that Jilly was a scavenger. For those of you who didn't believe me, here it photographic evidence! After church on Sunday, we had pigs in a blanket. I'd left my plate on the couch and Jilly sure found it.

She is a generous child, however, and is learning to share her food with others.

But hey! If you don't want it, she'll gladly stuff her own face.

And kindly leave a mess for her parents.

Speaking of her parents, they've apparently taught her well, so she knows where the good stuff is. Notice how she went straight for the Dr. Pepper can, and ignored the other one? Yup, that's our girl.

Once she was stuffed, she moved on to her cookie jar. This is her FAVORITE toy ever! (Thanks Grandpa & Grandma Hall!) She loves displaying it to everyone and making it sing.

These are her very pretty ballet shoes. Granny Sam bought these for her for Christmas. Interesting fact: these are the same shoes, type and brand, that my mom bought me when I was a baby. When she saw they were still being made, she had to buy a pair for Jilly. They're great! And you know what else? Daddy is pretty convinced his Beanie Beast was made for ballet. He's got a great point. She is graceful, knows how to extend her legs, keep them straight and even points her toes! Now, if she could just stand.... ;-)

We recently got a postcard in the mail from our niece, Tejas, in New Zealand. Jilly LOVED reading it!!! She just kept staring at it and flipping it over and giggled the whole time! Thanks Tejas!! Your cousin loves you!! :-)

By the way, this beautiful dress is from my Auntie Terry in Connecticut. I've been waiting and waiting for Jilly to get big enough to wear it. Finally she is! It reminds me of dresses my grandma gave me when I was little. And another funny note: Steve makes fun of me and claims I can't tell the difference between Nacy Blue and Black. (I'm convinced a black couch we have is actually navy blue). I was convinced this dress was black for almost a year that we had it. The first time she wore it, we put her in black shoes. As soon as we walked outside, it was painfully obvious the dress was actually navy blue and the shoes looked ridiculous! Oops! At least I mess it up both ways. ;-)

Like mentioned before, Jilly loves reading. Her Dora the Explorer "Under The Sea" book is one of her favorites. She'll always grab that one out of her basket. She also loves her donkey, Burrito. Apparently she knows Burritos are tasty!

We haven't put her infant car seat away, pretty much because we're a little tapped out as far as storage space goes. So we set it next to her crib, by the computer desk. It's out of the way there, and sometimes when we need to get something done and she insists on messing with everything, I'll sit her in there with a book and it usually entertains her for 10-15 minutes.

After all the reading, face-stuffing and exploring of a hard day's work, it's time to clean up. Jilly loves her foam sea animals and miraculously doesn't seem to notice when we stick them to her head. Thus far 4 is the record, and we just had to document that record setting event.

The bath can take a lot of out you and if you don't put her to bed soon enough, she's liable to fall asleep on the floor! Notice the hand on her face, as if exclaiming, "Woe is me!" ;-) Drama queen.

But she'll forgive you the next day. ;-) We're finally introducing her to the idea of sitting down for a meal. This was breakfast the other day. Could it be true? Might she be figuring out the sippy cup??

Meh... Forget the sippy cup, high chairs are more fun to turn around in! How she manages this while still being strapped in is beyond me. But she can do it! Crazy baby!

So there you go. Those are our latest pictures of Jilly. She sure is growing up!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Musings

I keep meaning to blog more, but I keep not doing it. When I finally sit down to do it, I think, "Oh that's not important enough. No one cares about that little thing." But then I realize that that's exactly what I love reading on other's people's blogs: all the little, day to day stuff that you don't think to write down normally. Since I love that stuff so much, everyone else must feel the same way. ;-) So you're all going to read about seemingly inconsequential things. Hehehe. ;-)

Jilly is such a little goober! She is so obsessed with singing and music. She just loves it! She enjoys Singing Time in Primary, whenever she's in there with me. It's especially hilarious because she'll be all excited and giddy, bounce along and pay close attention. Then she'll actually try to join in and sing along. But she waits until practically then end of the song, and keeps singing after it's over. Hehehe, she's just a little behind.

No, she's not walking yet (much to her mother's chagrin). The lazy baby gained 2 pounds in a month, and I'm not that strong! So she doesn't get carried too much. Her problem just lies in her confidence. You'll see Jilly cruising around the apartment, on furniture, her car, and her parents' hands and legs (yes, legs). She'll stand up, lean against something so she can have her hands free to play. You'll even catch her rocking back and standing by herself for a few seconds (sometimes up to 30). But without fail, she'll notice what's going on and immediately lunge to grab onto something. If she can't find something to hold on to (usually because her mean parents let go of her in the middle of the room) then she'll just sit down. *sigh* I wish she'd walk already, but what can you do? My real hope is that she'll walk by the time we go to Texas, or even while we're there. If she walks before hand, then I don't have to worry about her crawling on the disgusting airport floors. If she walks while we're there, then her grandparents and aunties and uncles and cousins, can experience that First with us. But if she's not walking by the time we get back, I may need to trade her in for a newer model. ;-)

I don't know if I've mentioned our plans yet, but we are going to Texas in March! We're so excited!!! It's been over two years since Steve and I were there, and Jilly has never been there, let alone met her grandparents. So we'll fly down on Tuesday March 4th and come home Tuesday March 11th. We're able to take vacation time for the trip and fly for free (but standby) on Southwest, thru my work. Because of all that, it's not going to cost us too much, which means we can go. Sweeeeeeet. We'll fly in and out of San Antonio, and spend most of our time there. However, we will go up to Houston for a day or two to check out Becky and Kevin's allegedly sweet house. ;-) We're hoping to see some friends who we've missed a lot lately and introduce our little one, not only to those friends, but to what it means to be a Texan and true Texas BBQ, not to mention procuring some necessary Spurs gear. (Side note: Trey & Jen- I'm not sure if you read this, but if so, we must see you when we're there! We suggest a family dinner with your boys and our girl at Salt Lick. Counter offer? ;-)) Like I said, we're so freaking fracking excited about this trip.

But there are some worries about it. And they pretty much all have to do with the aspect of travel. As mentioned, we'll be flying standby. There are NO direct flights on any airline I've ever heard of, between San Antonio and Seattle, which means we'll have to make at least one connection somewhere. Which exponentially increases the travel worries. Then add that a 15 month old. A particularly independent, non-walking 15 month old, who only likes to sleep in her bed, not her in her parents' arms. We're looking at a 7, 7 1/2 hour trip, right during nap time. Oh joy. -_- I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jilly will make a new friend, called Mr. Benadryl. ;-) And Bunny Lovey will surely be joining us. Combine those two things, with her bottle, and I think we'll be able to convince her to nap on the plane. Please pray for us that it works! ;-) And since it's all standby, there's always chances of getting stranded somewhere. But that's the price we pay for flying for free. And we purposely planned to fly in the middle of the winter, middle of the week, with a day of cushion room, if needed. So hopefully that won't be an issue. I can't say I'm looking forward to dragging all her stuff through the airport either. Because of being standby, I don't want to risk being stranded somewhere without her car seat. So we'll be bringing the car seat as well as the stroller, diaper bag and the baby, all through security, check in, and then check them (well, maybe not the kid) at the gate. Actually, I'd prefer to bring her car seat on the plane, if we can. Again, pray that we'll get three open seats each way! :-)

Changing gears, the past few days have been interesting for us and will continue to be for awhile. I've starting training in the Service department at work. This involves me being there a few hours, at times I'm not otherwise working. Sounds simple enough, but it's so not. The Service department is open 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday thru Friday. We only have one car. We have a baby who needs to nap in the afternoon. Steve works 30+ minutes from our house and I work 20 minutes from our house, and the two places are not exactly next to each other. If I want to work during the day (the only choice) I have to drive Steve to work at 5:30am, thus waking up the baby as well, spend an hour on the road, come home, get Jilly to the babysitter's then go to work. If I work in the morning, then I'll work for a couple hours, pick up Jilly, get her home for something resembling a nap, then wake her up so we can go pick up Daddy by 2:30pm. If I work the afternoon, I can drop her off to take a nap at Granny's, but then I only have about 90 minutes to work (after Erin's lunch) before I have to leave to pick Steve up. Then add to that, if I'm working in Service Mon-Wed, I then pick Steve up, pick Jilly up, take them home, then turn around and go BACK to the work I just left! Crazy. Luckily, I think we're figuring out a couple other solutions, like my mom and sister driving me to work, then letting Jilly nap at their place and Steve picking me up after my shift. I'm glad this will only be a couple weeks until I'm not working both daytime and evenings! :-) But on the bright side, I got a taste of what the new job will be and I'm going to like it!!

Let's see.... Anything else? Oh yeah! Stalkers- announce yourselves! Hehehe. I've become a blog stalker. I'll follow links on my friends' pages to other people, usually people I know, and then read their blogs even though I haven't been formally invited. Yup, I'm a stalker! And this time I know I'm not the only one. So! If you're blog stalking me, and I know you, then PLEASE! Leave a comment so I can stalk your blogs too! Plus, it's nice to know that people care about us enough to stalk us.

Okay, I think that's pretty much it now. Have a wonderful Saturday!


Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm taking over the company!

There's going to be quite a change for our family in the next couple months. I've been asked to move from Reservations to the Service Department at work, to cover for someone who is having a baby. The plan is currently for me to work during her maternity leave, with it possibly turning into a more permanent position, if we decide we want it. In less than three years, I will have gone from seasonal customer service agent, to supervisor, went back to a regular customer service agent, and now will be in Service. I've worked in five different locations as well. It'll be different to be working with private owners and our mechanics and such, as opposed to passengers on our flights.

This means that I will be working almost full time, during the day. I was able to negotiate for Tuesday thru Friday, 7 or 8am until 4:30pm, so only four days a week. Obviously, this will necessitate day care for Jilly. We are so fortunate to have a friend nearby who is totally willing to help us out. We're still hammering out all the details, but we are totally secure with her taking care of our little one. My mom will also be watching Jilly one day, every other week, helping out tons there as well.

I won't be starting this full time until March. In fact, it will be right after we get back from San Antonio. During February, I will just be doing some training here and there. Then I will be there through April, possibly into May, depending on how long of a maternity leave the other lady takes.

This will definitely be quite a different life than we are currently used to. It means, actually having evenings and weekends together as a family! It also means that I won't get to spend my days at home with Jilly. To be honest, I don't relish the idea of being away from her. But in reality, it won't be too bad, because once you think of her naps and everything, the actual hours we're together will even out just fine. I am very excited to have time for all three of us to be together! I've worked Saturdays pretty much our entire marriage, excepting my maternity leave.

That's our big news. Things were finalized just today, but we've been talking about this for a few months. It's going to be a big change. There are definitely some great benefits and some big drawbacks, but it's the same with staying home during the day and working my current schedule. We'll just have to see what will work out best for our family.