Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No longer Patchy...

I am no longer having to use my eye patch very much! In fact, I haven't used it in a couple days. I still definitely have to tape my eye shut at night, because it dries out (as I found out Saturday morning), but my eye isn't quite as sensitive to the light. Hooray! I finished my steroids course Monday morning, so now I'm just down to the anti-virals for a couple more days. I saw the doctor last Friday for a follow-up and he said that it should resolve itself, but there's no way to tell how long it might take. To be honest, I haven't seen much of a change. I guess I'm getting used to not being able to taste very well. I keep telling Steve that now is the time to load up our food with spices. As some of you may know, I am a WUSS when it comes to spicy food. Like I order 1 star at Thai restaurants. Well, now I could easily kick it up to a 3 star, because half my tongue doesn't work! And actually, the numbness moved just a little, so the taste is skewed again.

I've been doing fairly well with it all, but I had my moments on Saturday when all I wanted to do was just whine and whine about all the annoying things about Bell's Palsy. My main complaints center around my lack of taste (eating is just miserable and infuriating without taste) and my inability to do silly little things like say my own name well or spit out toothpaste. After having a good long growl, I felt better and I've regained my normally sunny 'tude. ;-) I've pretty much come to accept this as part of my life. Last night, I started equating it with pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I couldn't fathom that there would be a time in my life when my body wouldn't be ruled by this foreign power. I just got used to all the funky issues and pretty much figured they'd last forever, even though people assured me they wouldn't. Well, they eventually did all resolve. That's kind of how I'm feeling right now about my face. It's annoying and frustrating, but I'm getting used to it and can figure out how to live my life with it. I might as well plan on it sticking around forever, since it could be months until it's resolved, but with any luck it will go away at some point. So that's kinda where I'm at with it all right now.

Now, the good stuff...

Jilly is as cute and adorable as ever, except that she all of a sudden got super clingy this week. Seriously, I don't get it. She's always been so independent, not really wanting to be held much, etc, like since she was 4-6 weeks old! But these past few days, she's been following me around constantly, grabbing onto my legs, trying to crawl into my lap at every turn! I love the cuddling, but sometimes, I'd just like to use the bathroom without a toddler inviting herself in! Hehehe.

She's also drastically improved her climbing skills. She can now scale both of our couches, from various angles. And does it TONS. I can't do much on the couch without her joining in. Silly Beans. She has been pulling her changing pad into her crib and sitting on it too. She fishes it off the dresser, gets it in the crib, then is pleased as punch to play around, just chilling on it. Weird kid, but hey, she enjoys it! ;-)

Running is starting in our house. She still can't do it great, but she's trying. When we go outside, she hates holding our hands, preferring to walk completely by herself. (Clingy inside, independent outside, I guess.) Jilly has visited a couple parks lately and absolutely LOVES the swings and slides. She will climb up the slides, from the bottom, ignoring the fact that other kids are coming down, if we let her. (We don't. ;-)) Here are a picture or two, as well as a video, to show you her utter delight.

It was crazy hot this past weekend, here in the Emerald City. Jilly got to go in the little pool at Granny & Grandpa's on Saturday evening and had a thrilling time doing so. We'll be having fun there for sure, this summer! Between that and our own pool at our complex, I think we'll be able to stay cool. Which reminds me: if you're in the area and need to cool off, we're allowed to have guests at the pool. Lemme know if you wanna come over!!!

One last thing. On Sunday, Jilly totally caught us by surprise by announcing, loudly, several times in a row, "AMEN!" at the end of all the prayers during Church. It was super cute and encouraging, because we've been trying to work with her on folding her arms lately. You can imagine how well that goes over with her. So it was nice to see that even though she wasn't doing exactly what we wanted, she was still getting something out of it. Not to mention, she made her daddy proud by saying "Ah-men" not "Ay-men". Latin-speaking Daddy was quite pleased. :-)

That's about all I have time for right now, because I have a clingy, tired Beanie Girl that needs a bottle and bed! Stay tuned for next week, when we cut off the bottle. Should be exciting....

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