Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chatty Chatty!

We have yet another person in our home that can't seem to stop talking. I know it's pretty shocking that Steve and I, quiet-as-church-mice individuals that we are, would have a chatty child, but it's true.

Jilly has really started talking, and can't seem to stop!!! It's wonderful!!!

She's been trying to talk for awhile, but making very little sense. It seems like in the past couple weeks, she's really taken off and is learning new words everyday. Here is a list of the words she says, both the actual word and the way she says it, if it's different:

Hello (ah-woh)
Thank you (gehnk-oo)
Shoe (soo <-- usually in response to telling her to put on her shoes so we can go outside)
Go (GO! <-- seriously, it's an exclamation, usually in response to you saying "Ready, Set")
Baby (bay-bee, though I don't know that she understands the meaning of this one yet, she can just copy us when we say it)
Look (oook, accompanied by guestures of pointing, usually when at the zoo)
I Love You (i luh oo, this is still a work in progress even though I'm counting it here)
No <--shocking, eh?
More (Moh, usually when handing us her sippy cup, asking for more juice)
Ball (also said as an exclamation, most often as she throws the ball)
Bed (beh)
Jilly (well, sorta. She says both "DA!" when looking at pictures of herself and "jih-ee" or "lell-ee" but it's not super clear yet)

She actually doesn't say Please or Yes, but she does know how to nod her head, so she gets the point across. But we are continuing to work on Please. It's an important one.

Her very latest achievements, which probably are the best, other than Mama, Daddy & I Love You:
Katie (two variations: Kay-ee or Kay-kay, VERY adorable)
Grandpa (gamp-ah, also very adorable)
She's getting closer on Granny, but not quite there yet.

Those are all the words I can think of right now. There are more, I'm sure, but you'll have to either wait for me to post them, or come visit us and see for yourself!

Another achievement of hers, she no longer uses a bottle! This was actually SUPER easy. One morning she never drank from her bottle, so I never gave it back to her. This has had a downside however. She no longer drinks milk. We've tried it in a sippy cup over and over again, and even tried to give her the bottle, but she staunchly refuses it. Lucky for us, she LOVES yogurt and cheese, so she still gets her dairy. I've heard from other moms, that is normal and she'll get over it in a few weeks. Until then, we'll let her be. But we are very lucky because she LOVES fruit, seriously would eat it all day long if we let her, to the exclusion of all other foods. Her favorites are: grapes, bananas, and blueberries, but she'll eat raspberries, melons, strawberries, etc. Also, she will drink cold water, so we don't have to give her juice all the time. We mix her juice with water anyway, but I still don't like loading her up on it. And since she'll take cold water, we give it to her. She eats pretty much anything we do and loves to feed herself. She is most excited when getting into her highchair or going outside.

We've been having a fairly busy but quite fun summer! I haven't had much time to blog between work, Primary and social events. We've gone to the Zoo another time with my family and best friend Regan. We went to a BBQ at Forest Park. Jilly and I have gone to a few Playgroups, with our church friends, including a carnival at Mukilteo Libraary last week. All have been super fun. Other than that, pretty much hanging out with our friends and each other, having a good time.

Summer is great!


Tiffini said...

Try giving her chocolate milk. When I took Brightyn's bottle away that is the only way he would take it for a week or so. I think its so weird they don't want it at first out the cup. She is quite the little talker. I LOOOOOVE Brightyn talking it makes things so much easier!!

Tara said...

Jilly is so cute. I just want to give her a good squeeze. I love summer too!

~*Jen*~ said...

Busy, busy! Summers never seem to be much of a vacation, but jammmed packed full of stuff to do!

How fun! A little chatterbox! Katelyn is very much one of those, but I know exactly where she got it from! LOL

Heather & Billy said...

Sounds like you've been having fun. I love when they just take off and become little conversationalists. So fun huh?! I never worried about the milk and the sippy cup thing myself. And, like you, I wasn't a big fan of the constant juice in cups. My kids were just fine. Keller is the only one who it really matters with since he is allergic to milk. Thankfully, he doesn't seem to mind where he gets his soy milk from- bottle or cup, as long as it is preferrably cold. There are times though that a bottle is just more convenient. =)

Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

That's exactly how Mike gave up his bottle, he just refused it! It was the day before his first birthday though, so that was a good time to switch completely to milk (rather than formula) at the same time. He refused the sippy cup (with both formula and milk) for a couple days, but then he got the hang of it. (I mix Mike's juice with water too, shh don't tell him.)

Mike's just recently started talking a lot, but he's still at the point where you can't understand what he's saying. He's trying though and it's cute!