Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Aparkolypse: Marina Beach Park

During western Washington's 10 days of warmth of the year, get your tan on down at Marina Beach Park, or come the other 355 (356 in a leap year!) and freeze while you enjoy the sensational views of the Puget Sound in the heart of Edmonds's bored rich white people district.

Amenities/Facilities/Planned Improvements

It pains us to note that so much of this post will soon be outdated. We're far too lazy to go check these things out yet, but according to the Everett Herald, several improvements are planned to be made, though we can't find the proposed completion dates. The Marina Beach Park Master Plan changes include "parking lot reconfiguration, overlooks, lawn areas, potential concession areas, restrooms, upgraded play area, upgraded benches and picnic tables and BBQ’s, improved ADA accessibility, a loop trail system including two pedestrian bridges connecting the park across Willow Creek, personal watercraft staging and launching area, bicycle racks, fencing, and retaining the existing beach/
driftwood area and off leash area."  

Parking is scarce near the seemingly always beach, so be prepared for a little bit of a walk, especially if you are hauling children and/or cargo. There are a ton of picnic tables in grassy areas and sandy spots, next to a drinking fountain and a spigot you can spray your feet/legs clean (showers are one of the proposed additions).

You can also re-create your favorite scene from Top Gun at the volleyball court.

Perhaps you're a fan of signs that inform and/or shame; your hopes are here rewarded.


At our visit, the playground was under construction, but we've received word that it's been closed since. So please enjoy these pictures of what will not be there anymore!

A cool feature is a sand toy box donated by Girl Scout Troop 40812. Kids are free to play with them while they're at the beach and donations are welcome.

The Beach

Chances are you're here for the beach. The rocky/sand shore has tons of driftwood for seating to view the beautiful Puget Sound and watch the ferries leave.


Assuming you can get parking, we recommend Marina Beach Park. It's beautiful, multi-use, and about to get even better.

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