Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jason turns 3!

One week after Kayla's birthday, we get to celebrate our Jason's birthday!  This year we had some extra special visitors for his special day: my cousin Cyndi visiting from LA and my bff Regan, visiting from Hawaii.  I hadn't seen Cyndi in several years (since before Steve & I got married), so it was SO MUCH FUN to have her come meet my little family and see our home for a little bit.  It was even better that she was there for Jason's birthday!  Look at her and Kayla, two gorgeous blue-eyed ladies!

Jason had been asking for months (seriously, at least 4 months) for a Cars cake for his birthday.  He had decided that 3 would be his "Cars birthday".  I was so excited to make the cake for him.

Mater and Lightning on his cake!  He was SOOOOOOO EXCITED when he saw it!  It was utterly delicious too.

Time to open presents!  Who doesn't love coloring books?!

Kayla loves books too!  (Cyndi brought some presents for all the kids just for fun, and a birthday present for K too, since it was just a week earlier.)

Opening his first present from the Ziegenhorns.  We heart Amazon (and their gift wrapping) around here.

Stomp Rockets!!  We still have yet to try these out, but he asks often.  We just need to find a day we can go to the park and do them.  He wants Grampa to take him. ;-)

And the other present from the Ziegs, super hero costumes!!!  Batman, Superman, and Robin!!!

And for his birthday present from Cyndi, a SPIDERMAN BACKPACK!!!  Let me tell you, this was epic.  The boy has a thing for Spiderman and was always wanting a backpack like Jilly's.  This was so perfect!  And it was filled with coloring/activity books, stickers, and other fun Spiderman things.  He was in heaven.

Many well deserved hugs and thank yous for Cyndi.

Kayla had a bit of a hard time backing off and letting Jason open his own presents.  She had just had her party a week earlier, so she was under the impression that all presents were for her.  ;-)

From Regan, a Duple Fire Station!  He hearts this so much.  It's the perfect size and theme for him.  He's since named the Firefighter guy "John" and tells me all about John all the time.  Very cute.

Big hugs and thank yous for Regan as well!

This is one way to keep Kayla occupied so Jason could open his presents undisturbed.

Last up was the present from Mama & Daddy.  It was pretty much a no brainer, as it was two things he'd been begging for, for months.

BELTS!  He always was playing with Jilly's belt and wanting his own.  I found a two pack which was perfect!  He insisted on wearing them both, over his shirt.  Hehehehe.

AND a Cars watch!!!  He always always wants to play with Steve's or my watch, so getting him his own was a dream come true.  Then to have it be a Cars one?  A-ma-zing.  (And Jilly even found it, on clearance, so it was a steal of a price too!)

Mama, Daddy, and the June babies.  We had a very happy 3 year old that night.

At 3 year old Jason:
  • is a total boy.  He loves vehicles of all kinds; cars, trucks, planes, trains, fire engines, boats, etc.
  • is very active.  He loves to run and climb and is very independent on playgrounds.
  • is so sweet and loving.  He is always asking us how our days were (at work or school), concerned about his sisters if they're upset, offers to share his treats with others completely unbidden.
  • is super verbal.  He has an amazing vocabulary and ability to communicate.
  • is a snuggler.  He loves cuddling up with his "babies" (stuffed animals), he likes to sleep in the top bunk with Jilly a lot and we'll find them snuggled together, and curling up with Mama or Daddy while watching TV or reading a book.
  • is so crazy smart and has such curiosity!  He is often asking us these really well thought out questions and absorbs information like a sponge.
  • is a great worker.  He can be depended upon to help clean up, help make dinner, run errands around the house, etc.  He likes to work and he is good at it!
  • has the sweetest smile and kiss and hug ever.  
We love our Goo boy!  He makes our hearts melt everyday!

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