Friday, January 8, 2010

You've come a LONG way, baby!

This is Jilly on her 1st birthday. Check out the intense lack of hair. Or rather, lack of length. It was ridiculous. Such a bald baby.

And here she is today, 3 years old and gorgeous long dark blonde hair with beautiful curls on the end. I can't stop raving about and appreciating her hair.

I'm not cutting it. EVER.


Jenne said...

I think you'll be reconsidering that by the time she's 5, at least. My mom loved ,y long hair until I started fighting her when she tried to wash/comb it. Then she cut it to my shoulders.

You're right, she has beautiful hair. And I can tell you have fun styling it.

Chesney said...

thats so how adrienne was. she was practitcally bald until she hit a year old. now her hair is very much like jillys only a lighter color. so pretty. ive never cut hers either and have absolutely no plans to.

angelalois said...

This gives me hope for Wesley. That kid is bald.

(PS my "verification" word is 'sinful'"