Monday, August 11, 2008

Our July Zoo Trip!

I mentioned it earlier that we went to the Zoo back in July with my family and Regan. My Auntie Karen was visiting from Edmonton with her 12-year-old boys, Travis and Robert. She took up to the Zoo and we all had a blast!! In total, there were 8 of us: Karen, Robert, Travis, Katie, Andy, Regan, Jilly and me. We got there around 10 or 10:30am and cruised around the Zoo until about 3:00pm, I think. We saw most of the Zoo. We had to rush at the end, but we enjoyed it thoroughly. The only bad part was that it took me until about 2pm, when we were at the flamingoes for me to realize the back of my neck was scorched!! Total bummer! It hurt (along with the part in my hair) for several days. I've learned my lesson to take sunscreen with me everywhere!

Here are the pictures. I took a ton. I tried not to repeat anything that I posted from our last trip. So hopefully, these are new pictures. For anyone who's never been to Woodland Park Zoo, it's FABULOUS! Seriously, I love the Zoo. You NEED to hit this one. And Jilly and I would be happy to show it to you! ;-)

Jilly and Mama at the golden hippo. The requisite photo-op at Woodland Park.

The sleeping lion. They were close up this time!

The African Wild Dogs, there are three of them, snoozing on each other.

A closer pic of the elephant than last time.

Jilly spinning the display at the Raptors before lunch. She LOVED doing that.

Jilly's first skinned knee. This is what happens when you try to run faster than your feet can take you.

We stopped and ate lunch at this point. Jilly was her typical moocher self and ate like half of Regan's yogurt! Like we didn't have enough other food for her, insatiable baby. ;-) After lunch we continued on our trek around the Zoo.

The bears!

Auntie Karen, Jilly and Auntie Katie watching the bears.

Robert and Travis watching as well. We spent a lot of time with the bears.

These are the birds you could pay to feed. They were flying around like crazy and very pretty!

Willawong Station, Feeding the Birds

Auntie Karen, Regan and Jilly checking out the gorillas.

Travis, Andy and Robert too cool to be up at the window.

I can't remember for the life of me what the name of this animal is, but it was SO CUTE! Regan- help! What is it? It was by the Komodo Dragon.

Tortoises, as it so clearly states.

The Komodo Dragon

Jilly, trying to relax in her stroller in the sun.

The jaguar was pacing back and forth in front of the glass like crazy.

Uncle Andy wanted to see what Jilly would look like wearing his sunglasses. She loved wearing them!!

The toucan was cute and made a funny sound!

The gorillas were way cool. They woke up while we were there.

The Red Tailed Panda, way up in the tree.

There are the highlights from our expedition. We had a fantastic time. I can't wait to go back. For my birthday, Regan got me a Zoo membership! THANKS REGS!! Now I can go whenever I want and can get up to 5 guests in for half-off! Freaking awesome.

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Morgan said...

fun trip!!

I can't believe that is Jilly's first skinned knee....expect many more to come from here on out! :)