Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Moment for Jilly!

Last week was all about our little girls.  We had the ultrasound with Ducky and got to see our new little girl.  Our big little girl also had a momentous occasion.  Her first haircut!!  Yes, my daughter is over 4 years old and I have never, ever had her hair cut.  It had gotten pretty long too!

You can see that it wasn't very even at all.  It kind of came to a point in the back, and the length of it was also pulling out her beautiful curls.  So we decided it needed to be cut.  It was just too long and starting to not look at good, so with Aunt Erin's wedding coming up, it was the perfect reason to get it clipped!

On Thursday, Jilly came with me to my midwife appointment.  She helped listen to the baby's heartbeat and take my blood pressure.  After, she didn't want to leave, so I offered to go get a treat with her.  We made a date out of the afternoon.  We got some "Twizzlers" (I got her Red Vines since Twizzlers taste like wax) and headed over to Great Clips to get her hair cut.  The stylist was very nice and seemed flattered he got to cut her hair for the first time.  We decided to cut off almost four inches from the longest part!  Jilly sat mostly still while he cut and the result was very nice.

It definitely is much shorter now!  Look at the difference!  But also look at how even it is across the back.  Much nicer than the straggles that were there before.  She definitely still has the wave there and I bet with a little more length on it, the curls will come back just the same.  For now, she mostly has a little flip at the bottom, which is very cute.

This picture isn't as great, but you can kind of see how much better the front matches the back now.  He barely cut anything in the front (a couple little trims).  But the lengths blend so much better.  It's really quite cute on the little lass.  I probably will choose to keep it an inch or two longer than it is right now, once it's more evened out.  But I feel pretty confident that we cut the right amount off.  It makes her look a little older too, which is bittersweet for me, but mostly sweet.  Now, we just need to get everyone else's hair cut (Mama, Daddy and Jason) and we'll be all ready for Aunt Erin's wedding in a few weeks!